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Steve, I just wanted to say “THANKS” again for your personal involvement and support at last night’s board meeting. I had hoped you could make it but realized we had not asked you to attend. Your support and guidance during these complex times is again much appreciated.
I wanted to send a fast email thanking and praising Betty for the way she handled the water issue last night. When the issue first started, no one knew it would turn into the chain of events that happened, but she had everyone who needed to be involved, involved. At one point she had the Water District, Pro-Serve and me on different lines. Residents who called the emergency line were told that the issue was being handled and water hopefully will be restored shortly. She had all the residents’ unit numbers that were affected, so when Pro-Serve came back out, we were able to make sure water was restored in those buildings. She was great at coordinating what needed to be done, and it was very impressive.
Yamy, I know I’ve sometimes been a pain the past weeks, but I do want to thank you and extend my thanks to the Architectural board and the Deerfield board for your collective help on our windows replacement. You’ve shown nothing but professionalism and that’s been my report to family, neighbors, and vendors throughout the process. I really appreciate your involvement and care
I am a Realtor in the South Orange County area. The reason for my email is to compliment you on your staff. Picture this… a very busy and stressful week, a Friday afternoon and still plenty of work to be done before evening…and now it was time to call the HOA and hope that they could help me with some much needed information for my report. With this in mind, I was received on the phone by Melissa, who not only answered the phone with a smile (I could hear it) but was pleasant and very helpful. At the point where she could not answer some of my questions, she transferred me to Rico, who also answered the phone. He was nice, funny and very helpful. At that point he, like Melissa, needed to go to Debbie for some final information. Again, another person who answered the phone on a Friday afternoon and was sweet and helpful and knew all the information and was willing to help me! I can only say that I wish all the HOA Management Companies had the kind of people you have working at Accell. I have a theory: Good employees are a reflection of good managers who make the office a wonderful work place. You have a great team!
As you know I have become the new president of the Colony HOA. And I feel Accell has done and is doing an outstanding job. Jennifer Fontana is fantastic. As our representative from Accell I feel she goes beyond the call of the duty. She has helped me tremendously in my transition to president. She is always available to me if I need clarification on issues. She has excellent knowledge in regards to HOA procedures and the laws that apply. She is strong when she needs to be strong and compassionate when she needs to be compassionate. As long as you have a quality staff I see no reason why our business relationship would ever end.
I just wanted to let you know that I love Accell I think they have good property managers and do a great job.
In my opinion, Accell has presented themselves very professionally, and fairly... keep it up, especially in this 'tight' economy!
Claudia, You consistently follow-up on agenda items, keep us on track at our meetings, have exceptional skills when it comes to treating our residents tactfully and never fail to produce whatever we need, whether it's another bid or a new key, in a more than timely fashion. I am delighted that the Board voted to re-sign with Accell, largely because of you. Looking forward to continuing to work with you over the next years!
As you know we had a horrible experience with our last Property Management Company. When Accell started I was scared to death that there were going to be tons of issues, but Steve assured me that there would be no issues and everything would be a smooth transaction. 2 years later I can say it was the best move the community made. Ryan is one of the best Property Managers I have work with. I have been on the board for 6 years, and he is one of the best. Ask my homeowners... Speaking on behalf of the community and the board we are very satisfied.
I have been very pleased with the support we are getting from Tina. She has been proactive on a number of issues for us. She has been key to us getting our landscaping upgraded and our mailbox replacements/upgrade done. We also have appreciated her flexibility in changing meeting dates when we have conflicts... [Tina] is on the ball, confident, and seems to be following through on the items she needs to after each meeting.
I hope you are the right one to tell how pleased I am with services provided by Mark, Lauren, and Marcie on behalf of Accell. Mark keeps one of our generally unhappy residents pretty much at bay. We know the resident will continue to be unhappy but it is a relief to have Mark intercede for the board and remain pleasant –Mark, that is. Lauren has been quick to provide information and documentation for a disgustingly long refinance I am going thru. And Marcie is always there with answers and/or follow-up as necessary when I have financial questions. Does she get holidays? I do work with a number of professionals that have no sense of customer service. And I wanted to let Accell know that I appreciate that your people know what “professionalism” and “efficiency” mean. I can tell because of my experiences with them. Thank you, and please thank them for me!
Autumn, I am calling because we are so lucky to have you. Whatever you did, or do, whenever I call you, you do your job so professional you are wonderful! We are lucky to have Accell Property Management. You take care of everything.
I'm the president of the board here at Sea Ridge in Dana Point. For the record, we could not be MORE pleased with Claudia Faison, our property manager. We are very happy with our relationship with Accell and look forward to continuing with you for many years to come… Again, thank you for your fine service and incredibly good personnel. I've worked with many property managers over the years as both a board member in different communities and as a realtor, and I am truly, truly impressed with Claudia and the others on your staff that I have met. Thank you!
I am currently the vice president for [my HOA]. I have been on the board for four years and owned a home in [the HOA] for approximately 15 years. I have decided not to re-run for our HOA board because we plan on moving. However, before I leave I wanted to compliment you on your company and especially one of your team members. I feel it is important to contact companies not only when there are issues, but also when a job is well done. I must compliment the excellent work ethic, patience and extensive knowledge of Yamy. She has proven to be a tremendous asset for us during meetings as well as follow through with homeowners. She makes our community a great place to live! I have enjoyed working with her through out the years. Thank you for your time and for providing quality people to represent your company.
We might not be her favorite Board, but I can honestly say that Barbara (in my opinion) is the best property manager we've had going all the way back to 1983.
I wanted to take a moment to tell you how happy [we are] with property manager Barbara. Just today she saved our association several hundred dollars by negotiating with one of our vendors. Almost daily she catches something where we can save more money. She is always professional and with detail brings matters to the Board's attention.
Spending 2.5 hours with much more experienced HOA board members than myself was very eye opening. The quality of property managers throughout Orange County is quite varied from what I heard. What was echoed from all of the other 11 participants is what I already suspected: good property managers aren't common. We are very fortunate to have one of the best property managers in the business with Tina! The function, or rather disfunction, of numerous boards in Orange County was also a major topic. Again, we are very fortunate to enjoy a functional board that is focused on the good of the community. Thanks to all of you for being the exception to the rule for both property managers and board members!!!!
In my many years of being a board member, I rarely have come across a property manager who has so much to offer to a board. Tina in my opinion has gone above and beyond this board’s expectations, with her knowledge, efficiency, quick responses, handling of homeowners, and her positive personality. She is a true asset!
Just wanted to drop you an unsolicited note about Rick Godinez. We are a high maintenance account, and have several ongoing and complicated issues on a weekly basis. Rick has stayed on top of each and every issue, and communicated all the details, as far as I know, in a complete and timely manner. He has been very responsive to my requests and inquiries, and never a complaint. He is very knowledgeable of this industry, and if he doesn’t have an answer, he knows how to get it. I have to say he has been one of the best managers I’ve worked with in a long time, and I have gone through at least 15 or 20 of them. I appreciate having Rick on my team, and look forward to having him in that role as long as I’m on the board.
On behalf of the Board..., and I know the other Directors will all agree with me, Accell Property Management has continued providing excellent service for our community and especially from our property manager Claudia Faison. Claudia deserves special recognition because she continues to go above and beyond, it seems, to make our community her first priority. We greatly appreciate Claudia and everything she does and continues to do which in turn directly reflects on Accell's commitment for service and excellence. Once again, thank you!
Mark has been doing a stellar job. He has been writing a newsletter for us on the back of the bills and he set up our first annual Spring Event for our community. He has been keeping us up to date in all areas and is going above and beyond to help out... Over all Mark has done a great job and I believe all of the board members trust him and enjoy working with him. I'm very grateful that you assigned him to work with our community.
Marcie, Just wanted to take a moment and tell you that I do, in all sincerity, appreciate the professionalism, preparedness, and candor regularly displayed by Voytek and Luis when we battle out these cases in court... it's a great relief when the property/accounting manager actually studies their respective file and comes to court ready to go. It just makes my life easier when a property manager is personally invested in what they do...just wanted to thank them (and you) for all you do.
We have been through a rather rough week here at the lovely Creekside Village. Through this entire ordeal, your team has been incredible! Lauren kept in contact with me on Sunday. Jenny also contacted me, volunteered to come help us walk the property to place notices on the doors, checked with me throughout the day. Tina well.............I cannot say enough about her, incredible does not begin to describe her. These 3 people have gone above and beyond the call to duty. Please express to them my sincere gratitude. Thank you for having a truly professional team!
I just dropped something off at your offices. It's a compliment I wanted to give for your receptionist, Nancy. I told her, I've had her help a couple of times when I called in, and she has some real nice qualities there, and is very helpful to I'm sure to everyone, and I know she has been to me. Today I asked for her name, and wanted to just leave a word, you know, she is calm no matter what is going on. It looks like she handles a lot of duties there. And she is very nice, and very helpful. Her goal is to just give the assistance that you need and she is thorough and efficient, and is just in general, very kind to the people calling in and dropping in with paperwork. So I would like to give a little compliment there for Nancy and to tell you that I am glad that she is there, and able to be the Receptionist for you, she is very helpful. I wanted to give this message here, while I am still sitting here in your parking lot and while it is on my mind. She does a really great job for the company, and I wanted to just say that, and I appreciate her help. Thank you!

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